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Model Caliber Max. Muzzle Velocity (*) Energy (*) Magazine Capacity Number of Shots Per Fill Number of Shots at Optimal Velocity Stock Length Barrel Length Weight
Joules ft.lbs
BullBoss 4.5mm /.177cal 355 m/s (1170 fps) 36 27 10 75 40 Bullpup, advanced polymer, thumbhole, elevation adjustable comb 935 mm (36.8") 585 mm (23") 4.3 kg (9.5 lbs)
5.5mm /.22cal 325 m/s (1070 fps) 51 38 10 65 35
6.35 mm / .25 cal 295 m/s (970 fps) 57 42 9 55 30

* Velocity results may vary as much as 20% due to pellet weight, pellet shape, temperature, elevation, as well as other factors.
* The energy restriction of a particular country can be achieved by the reduction in the muzzle velocity. Above maximum velocity & energy figures are obtained when there is no energy restriction on the air rifle and when measured at optimum pressure value in the air tube. As a nature of the PCP air rifles the velocity starts low at maximum pressure level in the air tube, then starts to increase and gets to the maximum at optimum pressure value in the air tube; and then starts to decrease again as the pressure in the air tube gets too low.

Price: 12950.00 Lei
Brand: Hatsan
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